K~indie ^^

So these days I’ve really been into Korean indie music. I don’t remember how I discovered the genre though. Maybe on YouTube…. but yeah I like how it sounds, it’s soothingly pleasant and it makes me feel like I’m in Europe or something but those are mostly Nell songs. Nell is a band or group, whatever you feel goes. I love their songs best. My favorites are The Day Before, Ocean Of Light, Act 5, and Cliff Parade. Of course those are the only ones I know about for now. I hope everyone can give it a listen because it’s soo worth it and even if you don’t like it, I wouldn’t know what to say but have fun in life. I can be really biased at times and I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself when I believe in something I’ll always believe in it or love, that too. Recently I went on sound cloud (my music hub) and found more K-indie songs but they were all pretty different, I guess that’s good but it was… interesting. I don’t discriminate between music at least I try not to because you never know. Well always forget.. no I mean.. always remember to listen to music with both earphones on for a good first listening ^^

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